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How to Get Image URLs:

There are several sites that offer web cams or images that update periodically. In order to use these images for the WebCam program you'll need the image URL. For this example we'll use Yahoo(tm) Weather and their weather radars, here is the one I used.

When you find an image that updates regularly like this Yahoo Weather map you'll need to get it's URL. Right-click on the image and select Properties from the menu.

The URL is listed as Address (URL) -see image below. Highlight the URL, right-click, and choose Copy from the menu.

Open the WebCam Capture program, right-click the Address box and choose Paste.

Click Capture Image to see how the image looks.

Note: Not all web cams are created equally. You may notice that some images do not update at all. Some cameras do not use the same name or URL every time they update. Other cameras may offer low resolution and look grainy or distorted on your desktop. There is no way around either one of these problems.

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